What should I wear? | 10 Tips to help you decide!

I put together a style guide a while back (need to update it again), with 10 tips on what to wear for your engagement session. However, these tips work for family sessions as well! So I thought I’d put together this post for you and share these tips in hopes that it will help you choose your outfits for your upcoming session.

Navy and Mustard themed Family Portraits in turtle bay garden_0074.jpg

10 Tips on What to Wear

1. Many couples choose to do two outfits, one on the dressier side and one more relaxed and casual. This works great for up to three individuals. After that it would take a little too much time from the session to switch outfits for say a family of six (like the family above).

2. Coordinating doesn’t mean “MATCHING”. Wearing the same color in a different shade is actually more ideal than trying to find the EXACT color purple! For example, I would avoid both wearing navy tops and khaki bottoms because it could potentially come across as being very uniformed! Instead put your man in a purple top and khaki bottoms and yourself in a purple bottom with a khaki top (maybe with a subtle pattern as a bonus!).

3. If one of you is wearing something with a lot of color and pattern, sometimes it’s best to have the other person wear a neutral to tone it down a bit.


4. This is just an idea! You don’t HAVE to do this! But some couples plan their attire to coordinate with their wedding day so that their Save the Dates match the wedding theme and decor! *For Family sessions, this would be coordinating your outfit to fit the decor theme in your home! Because of course the whole idea of getting updated family photos is to put on your wall in either a canvas or a framed print.

5. Don’t over think it! Sometimes simple outfits are more flattering!

6. Make sure you are equal when it comes to how formal your outfit is. If the beautiful lady is wearing a little black dress…the man probably shouldn’t be wearing his Bermuda shorts and flip flops… Just sayin’!

7. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and wear something that is unique to YOU! It’s great to wear a dress with a cardigan, but if you have a unique style, be sure to show it off!


8. If you’re wearing plaid or other fun patterns, the bigger the pattern the better! This is just a personal preference. However, it is true that larger plaid photographs better than tiny little checkered patterns. It would be better to have a solid dress shirt than a shirt with teeny tiny patterns. The camera can’t always pick up those tiny patterns from a distance which can result in what we photographer’s call “Chromatic Aberration”, which is a pink or green haze around the pattern.

9. Accessorize! Scarves, necklaces, belts…I love them all! They can add so much to an outfit AND it gives you something to hold onto if you don’t have long hair!

10. Last but not least! Wear attire that is flattering to YOUR figure and your skin tone! We all know that everyone has certain things that look GREAT on them and certain things that aren’t really made for them. For example, some don’t like the way they look in stripes on a normal, day-to-day basis, so you wouldn’t love the way you look in your images if you wore stripes! If you’re self conscious about your legs, don’t wear a mini-skirt. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, it’s probably not a good idea to wear a tank top…Bottom line, make sure you wear something you’re comfortable in. Yes, I will teach you how to pose in super flattering ways, but you’ll love your images so much more if you wear an outfit that you’re comfortable and CONFIDENT in!


BONUS TIP: If you want extra ROMANTIC and BEAUTIFUL images, consider wearing something long and FLOWY! I absolutely love fabric that flows in the wind! Also, light and neutral colors allow images to appear more light and airy no matter what the weather is like! I will include a link below to some “amazon skirts” that are long and flowy.

Yes! Take to me that Amazon Skirt!