Baby on the Way! | Ryan & Allie

Meet Ryan & Allie! They live a couple doors down from us and are expecting their second child together here soon! I was so excited when Allie contacted me for maternity pictures. And even more excited when she showed up in this gorgeous dress! The contrast of the blue with the field grass is just awesome. Allies smile is gorgeous and Ryan totally rocked the "nuzzle". I am so excited for you guys! 

Allie did share that there's been some turmoil with this pregnancy. But God has already helped them and kept this precious baby safe! Hang in there, girl, it's almost over and I can't wait to meet this new bundle of joy!

Kinslee's expressions are just the cutest ever! 

The next image after the one on the right, Kinslee looks up at me with this shocked look! So precious! But to see the two images together, you'll have to look it up on my Instagram feed. :)

The only word that comes to mind when I look at this image is "WOW"! You guys are absolutely stunning together!

See! Look at this expression from Kinslee! Sooo cute!!!!

Girl, you're gorgeous! :)

This quote comes to mind when I look at this image "FAMILY, one of God's masterpieces"