Country Kids | Luke & Olivia

Country Kids at Heart

Meet my niece and nephew, Luke & Olivia! The reason I say "Country Kids at Heart" is because they were originally from here but have since moved to Reno, NV. So technically they're from the city now, but they still act like country kids! I love these two. They are so precious. Luke, or little Luke as we call him, is so much like his daddy! And Luke absolutely loves his Uncle Matt. Olivia is so sweet and quiet. She loves to just come cuddle up to you and smile. They get to come visit fairly often which is wonderful. They love to spend the night at Gram Gram's house, then come over to our house and play with their cousins. We have a great time!

This location is actually right on the outskirts of our neighborhood! Matt and I discovered it about a month ago and I just love it! There's the pathway, the line of trees behind and the tall grass that gives that amazing layered look. So for this year, this is my favorite spot!!

Luke & Olivia with their mama, Cheilsey