Ceramic Designs | March 17th, 2018


Every other month I get the privilege of visiting six different homes that have been refreshed thanks to Ceramic Designs by Ron Green. Some are new construction and others are remodels, but the end product is absolutely amazing! 


Since I work at a commercial print shop, I am involved in the community a lot. I network with a lot of local business owners and I see how they operate their companies. I say all of this to say, Ceramic Designs by Ron Green is one of the most reputable construction-styled companies in our Northern California area! The customer service, the employees, the trust-worthiness, is priceless!   


Ceramic Designs has an amazing showroom to inspire you! They have hundreds of selections of granite, tile, quartz and more for just about any color theme you can imagine. And to top that off, they have a continuous slideshow playing with all their completed work (mostly taken by yours truly! #jenpetersonphotography) that can help customers with ideas or give a visual of what a particular piece would look like installed.


The kitchen above is not your standard granite or quartz countertops... No this is a product called "Dekton" that Ceramic Designs is certified in producing. It's an extremely hard surface and perfect for outdoor kitchen areas! 


If "country kitchen" is the look you want in your kitchen, you need this setup for your counters and backsplash! As soon as I walked in, my jaw dropped and the country girl just came out in me... 


Bathrooms are another specialty of Ceramic Designs. The images above on the vanity is a marble stone! Simply gorgeous. Also just a side note, Ceramic Designs specializes in ADA handicap accessible bathrooms. If you or someone you know needs an ADA compliant bathroom, give Ceramic Designs a call.


If you are a Real Estate Agent, General Contractor, or Interior Decorator and are in need of generating a portfolio for your business, give Jen Peterson Photography a call. In order to grow your business and gain trust with potential clients, they'll want to see images of what you have to offer. And for our Realtors, the quality of the images on the listing can make or break the sale. I'd be happy to meet with you to discuss how Jen Peterson Photography can help make an impact for your business. 

If you want to make a bold statement, this is the granite for you! So stunning!!

If you want to make a bold statement, this is the granite for you! So stunning!!