Our War Hero

A couple weeks ago we got a call from Puget Sound Honor Flight. They had selected my grandfather to go with over 60 other World War II, Korean & Vietnam War Veterans back to Washington D.C. There they got to visit all the war memorials and Arlington Cemetery where they paid their final respects to those who didn't make it home. Puget Sound took such excellent care of these veterans on their final mission and little did the veterans know what awaited them on their return flight home!

Part of the surprise was all the family members wrote letters to their veteran. I made a photo album and Jared painted a butterfly for Grandpa. They all received their packages during "Mail Call" on the flight back to the SeaTac airport. The rest of the surprise was a homecoming celebration at the baggage claim area of the airport. Grandpa had no clue that we traveled up from California to be there to welcome him back from his journey. It was an incredible ceremony to witness. I thank God for all our veterans and those currently serving our country. They truly are our hero's! 

And for us our special War Hero is Grandpa Ron Russell, who served in the Korean War. We love you Grandpa!!! Thank you for your great service!!